Dear friends of fine music,

behind Silberstatic, a small and fine manufacture from Lower Rhine Viersen, stands a highly motivated team of idealists which have only one goal: the best possible listening experience.

Founder and chief developer Dirk Jesberger looks back on decades of experience in research and development of loudspeakers and we as the Silberstatic team are likewise proud to present innovative as well as highly valuable sound transducers, which truly needn’t shy from any comparison.

In the process we questioned the ingenious principle of the electrostatic transducers from the ground up and partly redefined it, which led to improvements and innovations that haven’t existed in this form worldwide. On the one hand, this refers to the frequency range of our speakers that deserve the predicate “Full-range including real deep bass”, on the other, the possibility to customise the Silberstatics according to personal taste for transistor and tube amplifiers.

The small series production is “Made in Germany” from beginning to end. This includes primary products and various quality components, of which many are custom-made to our specifications. For example, the exchanger and the high voltage cascade, the “heart” of the electrostat  are pruduced by well-known German manufacturers exclusively for us.

In this sense, we would be delighted if you lend your ear to  the excellent sound features of our full-range electrostatic speakers in your search for the ultimate loudspeaker.

Let yourself be inspired.

With audiophile regards,

The Silberstatic.de-Team