Silberstatic No. 2

Silberstatic No. 2

Greatness for ear and eye. The Silberstatic No. 2 impresses despite its imposing appearance through its shapeliness. High-quality stainless steel paired with classic black*, the No. 2 pulls every observer into its spell.

DGF1401Silberstatic_0013 (c) DIRK GROBELNYDGF1401Silberstatic_0015 (c) DIRK GROBELNY
DGF1401Silberstatic_0016 (c) DIRK GROBELNY

Based on won experiences with the construction of the smaller Silberstatic No. 6 and our test series, the Silberstatic No. 2 contains all sums of our developments and represents the optimum of the currently technical possible  in audiophile sound. Plain and simple our masterpiece with a right to a spot in the Olympus of the worldwide most audiophile loudspeakers.

This electrostat offers brilliant listening pleasure, even with huge rooms. At a room size of 70 sq m the No. 2 was adjudged to have excellent sound quality.

Technical data

The No. 2 is currently our most imposing loudspeaker with a height of 201 cm, a width of 62.8 cm and a depth of 5cm. The frame is internally strengthened with metal profiles. Each loudspeaker uses a foil area of 0.7 sq m.

The No. 2 is, just like all of our loudspeakers, Made in Germany.

*other colours on request