Silberstatic No. 1

A simple and clear design from high-end stainless steel marks its overall appearance. The back of the system is also easy on the eyes. In operation the writing on the connector panel glows subtly, informing you on its connected status.

Unobtrusive and discreet from all sides, making the electrostatic loudspeaker gain Women Acceptance Factor.

Silberstatic No. 1Silberstatic No. 1
Silberstatic No. 1

The Silberstatic No. 1 is an elaborately sophisticated sound transducer, right down to the last detail. The frame is milled with CNC technology and made out of highly compressed MDF. Therein inserted are the transducers, optimised for resonance. All parts are made from quality stainless steel, whereby we have succeeded to create a system without any visible screws.

The loudspeaker stands on three conical formed feet that taper off and decouple the system from the ground. The feet are designed to find a secure position on all kinds on floors. In the revised version we swapped the head and foot plate made of stainless steel for a polished black acrylic plate, just as we presented at the AAA exhibition.

We are still offering the version with stainless steel.

The connector panel is made from high-quality acrylic resin in a two-layered design in plain black and silver.