Silberstatic No. 5

The No. 5 comes with the same high-class appearance as the smaller No. 6 and the larger No. 7 and is slightly smaller than the latter with a height of 198 cm. With a width of 36,8 cm we have the narrowest electrostatic loudspeaker in our series, with the same outstanding sound. A depth of only 5 cm and 35 cm at the foot means it will easily fit in every environment. Furthermore, the No. 5 is fitted with a converter.

This loudspeaker fills the room evenly with sound through its tall (170 cm) converter.

Additional options

As an option for this ESL there is an integrated high-pass filter that is switchable.

The seperation occurs at 80 Hz so that, if required, an active bass can be implemented. The converter is therefore relieved of a larger workload and can work optimaly with an active bass.