Silberstatic No. 4

Nr. 4 – Natürlicher Klang im Kleinformat

Small and mighty, that’s no. 4

The Silberstatic no. 4 is probably the world’s smallest full-area electrostatic loudspeaker with a height of only 144 cm and a width of 36,8 cm. Despite these measurements this loudspeaker plays big-time and well versed experts will instantly hear its exquisit tonal qualities that truly needn’t shy from any comparison.

DGF1401Silberstatic_0024 (c) DIRK GROBELNYDGF1401Silberstatic_0031 (c) DIRK GROBELNY
DGF1401Silberstatic_0031 (c) DIRK GROBELNY

Experience crystal clear highs, harmonious mid-ranges and a dynamic fast as well as dry, deep bass. The briliant beaming areas create a wide and deep stage, which guarantee relaxed listening lasting for hours – really bathe in music.

The  world’s smallest full-area-electrostatic loudspeaker

Technical Data

DGF1401Silberstatic_0024 (c) DIRK GROBELNY

A full-area electrostatic loudspeaker  specially developed for rooms up to 20 square meters

with a completely new wideband-element and a tweeter segment measuring only 10 mm wide. So there’s a “left” and a “right” loudspeaker. Advantage: exact image of a (mittelabbildung) inside the ESL with a striking spatiality. Let the sound of this ESL enchant you.

The height of this ESL is 144 cm, the width is 36,8 cm and its depth is 5 cm (30 cm at the foot).

An EL-84 tube such as the Audreal MT-1 drives the loudspeaker very well.